Daniel Gerry Dobbins – DD-001

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Image of Daniel Dobbins

Daniel Dobbins

Image of Digital Dispenser (DD-001)

Image of Digital Dispenser (DD-001)

Image of Digital Dispenser (DD-001)

Since their introduction 60 years ago, liquor dispensers have not seen any radical design changes. In addition to this, all current patents of the product have now expired, revealing an opportunity for a new product to market; this product / system being the Digital Dispenser, the DD-001.

Research has shown that bars and nightclubs are under constant pressure from ever-increasing overheads – more so now than ever. The DD-001 is a concept which aims to limit these rising costs. The added functionality of an improved locking mechanism combined with a counting device and wireless integration allows bar managers to track spirit sales live through the use of smart devices. The system also informs these bar managers through notifications when particular dispensers are running low and soon require replenishment, also introducing accountability to bar staff. In doing so the DD-001 provides added security to stock levels resulting in reduced miss-pours and improved bar management.

The DD-001 improves functionality without sacrificing ergonomics. The innovative design of the DD-001 ensures increased usability and efficiency over current market competitors by being a product perfectly suited to the contemporary nightlife environment. The DD-001 shows a marked improvement over previous products in regards to aesthetics, functionality and usability, factors which places the system into a new market of premium liquor dispensers.

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