Dan Lerpiniere – Lumi3 A Sustainable and Multi-functional Solar Light for Sub-Saharan Africa

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Image of Lumi3 A Sustainable and Multifunctional Solar Light for Sub-Saharan Africa

Image of Lumi3 A Sustainable and Multifunctional Solar Light for Sub-Saharan Africa

Over 590 million people across Africa are not directly connected to an electricity supply, forcing them to use hazardous alternatives to power their homes. The most commonly used fuel is kerosene, used in lamps and for cooking; however, this is incredibly toxic when inhaled, is expensive for local people to buy and is often located in shops many miles from villagers’ homes.

With few other options, many people suffer ill health and spend a large proportion of their income on kerosene, just to light their homes. As most families are only able to afford one lamp, performing multiple tasks around the home at night is almost impossible. There is now a solution.

The Lumi3, with its three separate functions, offers a sustainable lighting solution to provide solar powered light all around the home. Its main light provides comfortable lighting to the entire room, from a wall or ceiling mounted position.

The detachable torch provides two additional functions. It can be used as a hand held torch for taking outside at night or as a free standing table lamp, where it can be used for cooking or studying. This allows additional light to be used around the home, without compromising the main light source in the room.
The Lumi3 aims to address the issues of sustainable and multifunctional lighting in homes across Sub-Saharan Africa.


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