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Image of The Kuasa Automated Badminton Trainer

Image of The Kuasa Automated Badminton Trainer

Image of The Kuasa Automated Badminton Trainer

Badminton is the most popular racquet sport in England and the world but despite this, the ability to practice independently has been lacking from the sport.

The Kuasa trainer combats this and many other underlying problems whilst also adding a new dimension to badminton training.

Problems include finding a partner of a similar standard to improve effectively with, who also has the free time to practice when the player wants to. This problem is especially noticeable within higher level training and often leads to coaches having to practice against the players which hinders their ability to coach effectively. Also practice sessions with odd numbers of players or varying standards pose a regular problem to clubs.

These problems are not limited to badminton, although other sports have developed numerous machines to combat this very successfully.

The Kuasa trainer is a low-cost solution and is targeted at badminton clubs, schools and governing organisations. With variable speed, frequency and placement of the shuttlecock, the trainer can be used in any training session of any standard.

Shots can be simulated consistently for beginners and intermediate players to focus on specific areas, allowing them to improve dramatically. Coaches can now measure the improvement of players and focus on weaknesses with more precision than ever before. Elite players can use the trainer’s top speeds of 100mph with frequencies in excess of one shot every second to perfect their shots and stretch themselves even further. Complex exercises are also possible with the use of multiple machines simultaneously.

The Kuasa Trainer was designed with simplicity and mass production in mind whilst also being extremely effective and versatile. This enabled low costs in manufacturing which in turn allowed for a retail price comparable to machines in other sports, whilst still maintaining a high profit margin.

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