BSc (Hons) Music and Audio Technology


Development of an iPhone application to assist in the writing of drum tablature

Development of an iPhone
application to assist in the
writing of drum tablature

This course focuses on the application of hardware and software technologies to create music and audio for inclusion in state of the art entertainment systems.

The course provides an opportunity to develop and apply electronic and computer technologies within the broad context of music, audio and recording.

In this course you will have access to state of the art facilities including three dedicated computer labs and five recording studios.

If you take this course you will gain a wide knowledge of the technologies that are used in the music technology industry in general. Your final year project will allow you to take the knowledge gained in the first two years of the course to develop your own specific product which can be a piece of software, hardware development or a content based project which uses technologies that you have developed during the course.

The School of Design, Engineering and Computing has a well established advanced technology base with expertise in electronics, multimedia, computing, psychology and product design. This unique mix of academic disciplines enables the University to offer a truly comprehensive music technology programme, that links the technological and creative perspectives with factors, such as, the human perception of sound, to integrate audio/music systems for the design of new audio/music solutions.

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