Benjamin Green – Mountain Overwatch – Avalanche Detector and Warning Device

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Image of Mountain Overwatch – Avalanche Detection & Warning Device.

Image of Mountain Overwatch – Avalanche Detection & Warning Device.

It is designed to fit within a mountaineer’s baggage, either internally or clipped to the outside of a pack in its own protective bag. In its compressed form the product is only 40cm long, and with its carbon fibre and polycarbonate construction it is both lightweight and strong enough to withstand the harsh mountain environment.

Mountain Overwatch is designed to be quick and easy to set up in even the harshest environment. The large push button clamps enable easy leg extending whilst wearing gloves and the adjustable top clamps mean the product can be used on uneven surfaces with ease. Every connection on the legs is carefully engineered to ensure that they are weather resistant; this prevents the moving parts from freezing up during use. The device is switched on via a weatherproof remote control from the comfort of the user’s tent.

Using a high-quality geophone it can detect the small vibration of a distant incoming avalanche accurately, ensuring that the user can be warned as early as possible. The alarm section of the product consists of an extra loud 102db siren and 4 super-bright high-intensity LEDs designed to both wake the sleeping user and illuminate the area. All of the components are carefully selected for the environment.

In an avalanche, every second counts. Mountain Overwatch gives mountaineers precious extra seconds, which could save their lives.

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