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Image of Afri-Vax

Image of Afri-Vax

Image of Afri-Vax

Doctors who work in developing parts of Africa face a daily struggle transporting and administering vaccines in remote communities they support. My project came about upon the discovery that sufficient quantities of vaccines for Africa existed; it was in fact the transport methods that remained highly ineffective. Reports revealed vast amounts of vaccines are regularly becoming hazardous and unusable.

‘Afri-Vax’ aims to help solve this problem. The product comes into play nearing the end of the vaccine’s journey to the patients (known as the ‘cold chain’). The unit assists mobile doctors, who travel primarily by bicycle, to transport the vaccine safely, efficiently and at the correct temperature.

The whole unit weighs just over five kilograms and can carry up to six litres of vaccine and ice. The product provides a ‘vaccine safe’ cool box, keeping the vaccines at the required temperature between two and eight degrees for the duration of the journey. The vaccine is segregated from the ice packs inside to eliminate the risk of accidental freezing. Storage areas for medical equipment and two sharps bins for used needles designed to FDA recommendations have been provided.

The central support column can be connected via a quick release clamp to any bicycle seat post. By pressing the red release button, the base unit and cool box can be slid off and away from the bike. The cool box can then be lifted from the base unit revealing a clean flat surface that the doctor can administer from.

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