April Frances Comerford – DuoPod Bathing Aid for Twins

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Image of DuoPod Bathing Aid for Twins

Image of DuoPod Bathing Aid for Twins

Image of DuoPod Bathing Aid for Twins

When conceptualising the DuoPod, being able to provide a product that creates a safe, stable and minimal stress environment during the bathing routine was top of the list of priorities.

For both carer and infants, minimalising these worries would allow the carer to confidently bath twins alone and have a more enjoyable experience.

By combining a multitude of simple functions and materials, the DuoPod allows infants can be bathed together from the new-born age when they cannot sit up unaided. The ergonomic seats cushion the twins and move at a 90° to allow for them to look at each other during bath time and to look at their carer, this encourages an equal triangular relationship as well as introducing the twin-bond’ that may parents are sensitive towards neglecting.

A temperature-sensitive smart material has been incorporated into the design as an aesthetic feature as well as for water safety, alerting the carer if the water temperature is above the recommended 31°C by changing from pink to orange, green to yellow or dark blue to light blue. The ‘pod’ shape design is to allow for separate water for each infants in the event of hygiene emergencies, in which case the ergonomic seat can be removed to allow drainage on the one side using the detachable drainage tube and plug.The DuoPod is designed to be used within a nursery environment, meaning that the full bathing routine can be completed in one safe area without movement from a bathroom to bedroom. However the DuoPod is compact enough to fit into most domestic baths if desired.

Although the DuoPod is designed predominantly for the new-born to six-month age group, once the infant is capable of sitting unaided, the ergonomic seats can be removed in order to prolong product life.


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