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Image of Signify
A Bathroom Mixer Tap that Monitors Water Usage.

We all know that water is a scarce commodity and the situation is not getting any better. The UK Government has set a target to reduce per capita consumption of water through cost effective measures, to an average of 120 litres per person per day by 2030 in England. It currently sits at an average of 150 litres per person per day.

Although thereare plenty of water saving products currently on the market, there is still no straightforward way of monitoring consumption of water in a useful context. Because of this, user behaviour towards water usage can be somewhat relaxed, which is mostly due to the lack of knowledge on how much water they are actually using. We are now living in an information age, and the products we use should reflect this. Signify is a bathroom sink mixer tap that is aimed at high-end commercial environments. The tap notifies how much water the user is consuming in real time via an inbuilt display located on the head of the tap.. The idea is, if we knew how much water we used on a daily basis, we as consumers would be encouraged to use less next time we turn on the tap!

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