Anthony Jayakody – Arthritis Hand Aid

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Picture of Anthony Jayakody

Anthony Jayakody

Image of Arthritis Hand Aid


Image of Arthritis Hand Aid

Rheumatoid arthritis effects thousands of people across the UK. Many sufferers experience pains in the hands which can be very discomforting.

Exercise plays a key part in reducing the pain but current equipment can be painful to use for a sufferer. The Arthritis Hand Aid ensures the user can exercise their fingers, thumb and for arm, using a free range of motion from resistance bands. Adjustments are made easy as parts are large for an easy grip. The main feature of the exercise aid is that it can be used with an open hand and does not require the user to grasp it with a clenched grip. This is essential as most modern exercise aids, such as grip trainers and fore arm muscle builders, require the user to use a closed grip which can be very discomforting and painful for an arthritis sufferer. The Arthritis Hand Aid uses neodymium magnets for easy adjustability of the mid forearm resistant band and to adjust it to increase tension and required length for a good fit. The front main band used to exercise the fingers uses a simple sliding adjuster that secures its self into place by slotting into grooves. The resistance bands are made from high grade latex as it has been scientifically tested that latex has excellent elastic properties for the use in resistance bands for rehabilitation of muscles. The design bypasses parts of the hand and forearm where swelling would occur such as the wrist and knuckles, by using a curved main body that bridges over these areas. The strap is a one-piece design, allowing the user to secure it firmly and comfortably to the forearm using just one hand, and it’s secured using Velcro strips. It is an easy-to-use exercise aid, with a unique look.

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