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Image of Anthony de Courcy

Anthony de Courcy


Image of The SafePress

With the current economic climate there is a growth of people saving money by creating their own ‘gyms’ in their garages or at home, saving on the cost of expensive gym memberships.

The problem with this is that where a gym has a list of safety regulations and trained staff to prevent injury, exercising at home is often a solitary task.

One of the most dangerous weighted exercises is the bench press, where the weight is positioned directly above the user’s chest and crushing accidents are common.

The Safepress solves this problem by catching the weight if and when it is dropped, so that the user can lift the weight free of them by pumping a foot pedal. As well as this main feature the Safepress encourages correct posture and form during the exercise and minimises the risk of injury to the joints in the elbow and shoulder.

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