Andrew John Shroff – Jet Engine Gearbox Removal Tooling

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Image of Andrew Shroff

Andrew Shroff






Image of Jet Engine Gearbox Removal Tooling

Image of Jet Engine Gearbox Removal Tooling

Image of Jet Engine Gearbox Removal Tooling

The maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry within both the commercial and military aerospace sector is worth billions of pounds annually.

This product has been developed to replace dangerous manual lifting techniques currently used when removing gearbox assemblies from commercial jet engines. During manufacture, maintenance and emergency repair, the gearbox assembly is often removed and replaced multiple times. Existing methods risk injury to the workforce and damage to internal components. Consequent increases in production times delays customers, often leading to heavy fines commonly seen in the competitive aviation industry.

The tooling features a hydraulic lifting system mounted upon a collapsible scissor-lift structure and is capable of lowering and lifting 32kN of force. The gearbox rests underneath its own load and is secured within the upper-platform.

The tooling secondary function is to provide a means of transporting the gearbox to modular overhaul locations replacing the current method of “’pump truck and pallet movement”. ‘. Current techniques create vibration, potentially damaging the gearbox module. Through the proposed use of specially designed casters, the tooling traverses the factory floor absorbing potential vibration.

An LED lighting system, built into the upper platform aids the alignment process, providing an illuminated space underneath the core modules of the engine. A wired control interface, integrated into the design, allows remote controlled operation vital for user safety. All aspects of the electronic system are protected against electromagnetic interference.

This project has further encouraged me to explore my true potential within the engineering industry and my time at Bournemouth University has aided my development and prospects as an engineer. I have thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate experience and look forward to utilizing my skills in future career endeavours.


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