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Image of Alexander Mayfield

Alexander Mayfield



Image of Weedzy

Image of Weedzy

Image of Weedzy

Gardening is the UK’s most popular outdoor activity, with over 27 million active participants. The enjoyment of gardens has been a popular pastime for hundreds of years, but the last 10 or 20 years in particular have seen this activity turn into one of Britain’s hottest trends. Reason for this, being that the worldwide movement towards more environmentally-friendly or ‘green’ lifestyles, with such fashions as organic food and sustainable future gathers pace.

87,000 people in the UK attended Accident & Emergency each year due to a gardening injury. Of these injuries almost a third are caused by poor body posture or over straining during physical activity. This can be caused by numerous challenges around the garden, but none more so than weeding. Millions of homes worldwide all have the same issue when weeding. This is because if the entire root is not pulled out of the ground, then the weed will just grow back from where it was removed.

Well, no longer do you need to manually remove weeds, causing tedious labour and physical body strain potentially causing injury. Introducing Weedzy – The 2-in-1 weed extractor with optional weed killer expellant.

Weedzy allows the user to pull out deep-root weeds from their lawn with minimum physical effort from a comfortable standing posture. They then have the option of expelling weed killer in the desired area or where the weed had been removed using the claw action extractor, using the push button located near the user hands, therefore decreasing the chance of weeds growing back.

The ergonomic design combined with the lightweight and rigid structure of the product makes this the perfect solution to the gardener’s weeding problems.

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