Afton Squires – Wall Mounted Kitchen Waste Storage Unit

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Image of Afton Squires

Afton Squires

Image of Wall Mounted Kitchen Waste Storage Unit

Image of Wall mounted kitchen waste storage unit

Levvi is simply opened by sliding the base section in downward motion and shut by sliding upwards. The counterweight and runner system allows the bottom of the product to stay open at any point required by the user, whether this is open only enough to put a small amount of waste or open enough to attach a refuse bag. Levvi is easy to empty – simply push the base of the bin down to its maximum and pull out the supported bin bag at a comfortable height.

As a BA student, my aim for my project was to change the user’s opinions and emotions towards using a kitchen bin. I wanted to change the negative connotations people often associate with using a bin including activities such as filling, emptying and cleaning.

For my product to be successful it was vital it was considered ergonomically, and blended into as broad a range of kitchen/utility environments as possible. The colours of Levvi were kept neutral – grey and white – opposed to any striking or bold colours which may have clashed with existing kitchen features. As a wall mounted product, the form of Levvi was critical in its success. Levvi had to evolve into a shape which held an average sized refuse sack, but to also provide aesthetics to give pleasure to the user.

Levvi is a product which can simplify a users kitchen waste disposal methods, turning a task from a chore into a unique and pleasurable experience.

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