Adam Doyle – Flood Step

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Image of Flood Step

Adam Doyle-Flood Step

Approximately 2.7 million UK residents live in flood prone areas; of these over half a million are judged to be at significant risk. Many insurance companies are unwilling to provide cover to homeowners living in these areas. This means householders are keen to explore effective and affordable flood prevention solutions.

Flood Step is a lightweight, robust, household water defence product designed to effectively stop flood waters entering a house through the most vulnerable point of entry – an external door. Flood Step has the ability to adapt to a range of doors, ensuring a reliable waterproof seal. With its unique stepped design, this cutting-edge product allows the home owner full access in and out of the property.

The hollow-ribbed design ensures the product is lightweight, while still maintaining tensile strength. The Flood Step can be filled with water, increasing stability. Additional weight plates are provided to ensure the product does not become buoyant at high flood levels. Screw caps allow for easy drainage and movement when not required. Carefully positioned neoprene sponge rubber ensures a waterproof gasket is formed around the door frame, and an additional seal at the base guarantees that slight abnormalities at ground level will not compromise the watertight seal. Metal brackets, designed to fit most common door types, allow the Flood Step to attach to the door frame, providing the necessary compression to complete the watertight seal while also preventing horizontal movement. The inner step is adjustable to suit varying height door frame drip edges. This has been designed to allow normal door functionality without comprising the effectiveness of the seal.

Flood Step provides a simple, effective and affordable solution to UK flooding problems for a large number of residential properties.

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