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(Not) Being Seen as Students – BERA blog

During the summer, the Fair Access Research project ran focus groups with final year HSS and Sci Tech students. The groups were part of a pilot study exploring perceptions of the student experience and widening participation. BERA have published a blog by Dr Alex Wardrop, which touches on some of the themes addressed in her recent CEL post. Drawing on findings from… Read more »

Life? Don’t Talk to Me About Life!

Dr Alex Wardrop, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Fair Access to Higher Education, reflects on loans, life, and the limits of fair access. The Sutton Trust recently published a report by John Thompson outlining the impact of the Government’s proposed changes to the student loan repayment structure and removal of maintenance grants to economically disadvantaged students…. Read more »

Pedagogic Fusion Bids – Submission by 2nd May

Following the launch of the Centre for Excellence in Learning on 4th April, we are pleased to invite colleagues to apply for a pedagogic specific round of fusion investment funding. The projects are a mixture of fair access and CEL themes with the opportunity to bid for a total of eight projects. The timescale is… Read more »

Centre for Excellence of Learning (CEL) Launched – 4th April 2014

On Friday 4th April, approximately 90 academic, professional and administrative staff and students came together in Kimmeridge House to celebrate the formal launch of BU’s CEL. The Centre aims to be a hub of energy, enthusiasm and talent in pedagogy that makes a significant contribution to enhancing the student learning experience at BU, bringing together… Read more »

Moving exams on-line – some principles

Transforming how university exams are designed, managed and completed is far from straightforward. Without careful preparation and piloting, there are challenges in relation to fairness (a reasonable test of what students are expected to have learnt), fitness-for-purpose (the task reflects the intended learning outcomes and enables learners to meet the appropriate academic standard), equity of… Read more »

Virtual Reality CDA In Idaho Is A Virtual Reality Arcade That Will Take You To A Whole Other Dimension

It’s been truly amazing to see how video game technology has progressed over the years. We’ve definitely come a far way from coin-operated machines in arcades and crude 16-bit graphics! The fairly recent arrival of virtual reality has ushered in a whole new wave of video game experiences, and you can try it out for… Read more »

The future of assessment: five principles, five targets for 2025 – Jisc Report

This report is the result of an experts meeting exploring assessment in universities and colleges and how technology could be used to help address some of the problems and opportunities. Assessment is crucial to the educational process. Done properly, it drives improvement, shapes learner behaviour and provides accountability to employers and others. Front cover of… Read more »

5 Ways Medical Virtual Reality Is Already Changing Healthcare

Virtual Reality started its fascinating take-over of healthcare for the greatest pleasure of patients and doctors alike. Here are five great examples of medical VR transforming patient lives and how doctors work. Did you know that it is possible to swim with whales in the ocean while lying in a hospital bed? Have you imagined… Read more »

Visit to establish a new student-staff exchange for BA Politics with Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Kleve, Germany.

6th May – 10th May 2019. By David McQueen Rhine-Waal University (RWU) is the only state university in Germany currently offering a BA in International Relations taught entirely in English.  Dr. David McQueen recently went to see the university and discover if the programme might be a good match for BU Politics students seeking further… Read more »