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LEAP workshops on 9 March 2018

We held two LEAP sessions in BU today that were primarily attended by staff from Media Production and Sports and Physical Activity but included staff from FoM too. It was the first time that we had the opportunity to work with staff from the same level of a programme.  It was excellent to see the… Read more »

CEL to give keynote at University College Dublin Education Technology conference

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CEL are very pleased to have been invited to provide the keynote address at the University College Dublin Education Technology Conference on 15 March 2018. The subject of the presentation, to be delivered by David Biggins, is a reflection of how BU has implemented Brightspace to promote student success.  UCD have recently chosen to implement… Read more »

iVLE – an update

This year’s PREP activity is called, iVLE.  iVLE is all about academic staff working together in small groups to share good practice when using our VLEs.  You can read more about the aims of iVLE here. Staff are recording their activities using a short, online form.  Looking at some of the entries, it is fascinating… Read more »

Flipped classrooms – the presentation launch of the BU touchscreens.

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Last week saw the launch of the first of BU’s new touch screens, and the pilot of the ‘talk to a Learning Technologist’ lunchtimes 12.00-13.00  in the Staff Centre at Talbot Campus.  The event, including pancakes, started with a presentation by Professor Michael Wilmore, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Media and Communication, on a flipped… Read more »

Lunchtime ‘big screen’ drop-in sessions daily, 12 – 1, Staff Centre at Talbot

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Following the launch of the new big screen in the Staff Centre at Talbot Campus this afternoon, we are pleased to announce and invite you to a daily programme of drop-in sessions between 12 and 1 from now until Easter. Come along and try out the new touch screen or talk TEL with CEL Learning… Read more »

Audience response systems: an update

We have been working to provide a facility for all academic staff to have access to an audience response system that can be used in lectures, workshops and seminars to elicit answers to questions, comments, votes, rankings .. etc from the attendees. Having evaluated the many options, we chose TurningPoint as the solution that best… Read more »

SPSS 25: Bayesian statistics and improved charting

Users of SPSS may be interested to learn that the latest version, 25, which was released in August 2017, has been packaged by IT Services and is now available. Click here for information on what’s new in version 25. If you require help with SPSS, have a look at the excellent training and support provided… Read more »

Unlocking the power of data

The recent growth in data has been phenomenal.  It is estimated that there are 2.7 zettabytes¹ of data in existence today² and the amount is expected to grow exponentially to 180 zettabytes by 2025³.  As examples of this trend, ASDA/Walmart now handles more than 1 million customer transactions per hour and every minute that passes… Read more »