Deborah Gabriel

Dr Deborah Gabriel

Senior Lecturer in Politics, Media, Culture and Communication

Areas of expertise

  • amusements
  • climate change
  • cultural analysis
  • Cybersecurity
  • Design for Security
  • fairgrounds
  • feminist theory
  • gender
  • gender studies
  • governance of bodies
  • Innovation
  • learning innovation
  • marine biologist
  • marine climate change
  • organisational image and legitimacy
  • overfishing
  • resorts
  • seaside
  • social identity
  • sociology
  • sport consumption
  • sport fandom
  • sports mega-events
  • technology in learning
  • urban spaces
  • User Experience and Security

Deborah specialises in inclusive teaching practice in media education, leading in the development of curriculum diversification through social justice pedagogy – teaching designed to promote social change.

Her main research centres on political communication, especially ideas around challenging the dominant practice and thinking. Her work has a strong focus on raced and gendered representations in media and popular culture and engagement with digital technologies.

Other areas of expertise are race, ethnicity and culture in professional communications practice and race, ethnicity and culture in higher education.

Deborah is a former journalist with published articles in a number of publications, including the Guardian and Independent and has provided PR consultancy services for a variety of organisations.

Deborah featured in a Facebook Live all about the UK General Election:

Election Live

Welcome to our election facebook live featuring Dr Deborah Gabriel and Professor Candida Yates. Please ask your questions to the panel live in the comments below!

Posted by Bournemouth University on Wednesday, 7 June 2017