Ideas Camp at Russell-Cotes. An Away Day for Consumer Researchers at BU.

Ideas Camp 2015 will take place on Thursday, 11th June from 10.15am – 4.30pm at the Morning Room in the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum. The event is a day to share and generate ideas for collaboration across BU consumer researchers, consisting of four sessions: New Practices & Contexts, Food, Spaces and Human Consumer with topics ranging… Read more »

Come join us at the SURE Conference on Wednesday, 4th March!

Showcasing undergraduate research excellence, this first event of its kind will highlight research that has been linked to coursework, placements, volunteering, dissertations, and more. As there will be students from the CMC Framework presenting, do come along to show your support while gaining insight into a variety of areas. Do check out the programme of… Read more »

Academia remains alive… just needs to be more kicking!

 CMC’s Dr Richard Scullion, associate dean, recently attended the annual Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE) in Newport, Wales to present his paper on students as producers. The event, which attracts a wide range of scholars from across all established disciplines, was also attended by CMC’s Dr Dan Jackson and Dr Sue Eccles and Media… Read more »

CMC team in Bangkok maps joint social media research projects

Working with partners at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University, a team from BU’s Corporate and Marketing Communication group led and participated in a British Council Researcher Links Workshop in Bangkok from November 2 to 4. For the Workshop coordinators Professor Tom Watson of the Media School and Associate Professor Jirayudh Sinthuphan of Chulalongkorn’s Faculty of Communication Arts,… Read more »

Politics and Media degree prepares for exciting semeseter

It’s already lining up to be an exciting semester for Politics and Media here at BU. These are some of our recent highlights and upcoming events: Your Tutors in the Media: Dr. Darren Lilleker spoke to the Independent last week on social media and elections: Dr. Anna Feigenbaum (un)celebrated the 100th birthday of tear… Read more »

CMC welcomes Dr Deborah Gabriel

Dr Deborah Gabriel, former journalist , journalism lecturer and founder of Black British Academics, joined CMC this week and is off with a bang.Deborah comes to Bournemouth University after completing her PhD at the University of Salford and brings six year’s of teaching and research and 11 years’ journalism experience to the Media School. Her PhD research examines the… Read more »

Politics course leader publishes tear gas commentary in wake of US protests

In light of recent protest events in Ferguson, U.S. surrounding the killing of an unarmed teenager by a local officer, the state of police militarization has come under scrutiny in the media. Everyone from senators, veteran officers, community leaders and public relations experts are asking critical questions about what policing should look like in 21st… Read more »

Civic political engagement in the new digital era: Paris 24-7 June 2014

The grand international conferences attracting up to 1000 academics are highly prestigious, however the opportunities to find academics in a field, talk in-depth about approaches, concepts, methodologies, data and future ideas is constrained by the size and scale. Hence BU, led by CMC’s Associate Prof. Darren Lilleker, collaborated with Science-Po (Paris) and Sciencecomm (Audencia Nantes) to… Read more »

CMC final years to present at 4th annual Promotional Communications Conference

Tomorrow nearly 50 advertising, marketing and public relations undergraduates will present their dissertation research at CMC’s Fourth Annual Promotional Communications Conference at the Executive Business Centre. The conference, expected to draw more than 100 delegates, will hear papers on a variety of topics from insights about how young people use the latest social media tools… Read more »

CMC senior lecturer writes for New Statesman

The New Statesman yesterday published an article by CMC’s Dr Heather Savigny, senior lecturer in politics, and Leeds Trinity University colleague Deidre O’Neill, associate principal lecturer in journalism,  about their research on the representation of women politicians in the British Press. The article, “It’s 2014 – yet media and politics is still a man’s game”, discusses… Read more »