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Czech-mates! CMC builds research links with Charles University, Prague

CMC colleagues Darren Lilleker, Pawel Surowiec and Dan Jackson spent two days in Prague, at an invited workshop designed to foster greater international research links between Charles University and other universities, and develop their faculty staff in research methodologies. The workshop also involved Prof John Downey (Loughborough), Todd Graham (Groningen) and Nico Carpentier (Brussels). The workshop… Read more »

CMC hosts PSA Media and Politics Group Annual Conference

The Annual Conference of the PSA Media and Politics Group was held at the Executive Business Centre on 13-14 November, 2013. It was organised by CMC colleagues Dr Heather Savigny, Dr Richard Scullion, Dr Anna Feigenbaum and Dr Dan Jackson, but with some worthy contributions from other colleagues and CMC students. A crisis of political… Read more »

Making the case for politics: politicians tell young people why they should care

By Alice Fews, Lauren Webb, Ben Tuff, and Kane Ingram, Politics & Media first year students On Friday 27th September, the Politics & Media degree organised a debate on ‘why politics matters’, which was also the title of the event. Here you can read about what they said at the event.

Politicians from across the political spectrum tell young people why politics matters

By James Fuller, Politics & Media first year Political party membership is at an all time low. Young people don’t vote and appear apathetic to party politics. So, what are the parties going to do about it? The Politics & Media degree  hosted an afternoon event at the end of September that set a challenge… Read more »

CMC hosts ‘Engaging’ event for local politics

In July, CMC staff hosted a one-day conference on engaging citizens in their democracy that attracted about two dozen local politicians and campaigners, MPs and members of the public. ‘Engaging the Public: Putting the people back into democracy’, held at the Executive Business Centre on 6 July, included presentations from CMC’s Politics and Media Research… Read more »