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Remember the Liberal Democrats?: Politics second year reflects on the party conference

Joe Bulman, second year on the Politics and Media degree, attended the Liberal Democrats Party conference in Bournemouth late last month and reflects on his experience below. After what has been a busy summer for me personally, I must admit I nearly forgot they existed. They may have had a hand in government only 5… Read more »

CMC’s Lilleker on the importance of media freedom & why the attack on Charlie Hebdo was an attack on democracy

Originally published on the Political Studies Association website. Controlling or silencing the media is the first act of any anti-democratic force. From the destruction of the printing presses in Medieval Europe to seizures following the ascent to power of the dictators who shaped the Twentieth Century, to punitive controls by Putin in modern day Russia,… Read more »

CMC final years to present at 4th annual Promotional Communications Conference

Tomorrow nearly 50 advertising, marketing and public relations undergraduates will present their dissertation research at CMC’s Fourth Annual Promotional Communications Conference at the Executive Business Centre. The conference, expected to draw more than 100 delegates, will hear papers on a variety of topics from insights about how young people use the latest social media tools… Read more »

CMC senior lecturer writes for New Statesman

The New Statesman yesterday published an article by CMC’s Dr Heather Savigny, senior lecturer in politics, and Leeds Trinity University colleague Deidre O’Neill, associate principal lecturer in journalism,  about their research on the representation of women politicians in the British Press. The article, “It’s 2014 – yet media and politics is still a man’s game”, discusses… Read more »

Labour MP challenges Politics students to engage young voters

Visiting Fellow Bob Ainsworth Labour MP came down today to talk to Politics and Media students at Bournemouth University who are studying the EU Parliamentary elections, scheduled for the 22nd May. Mr Ainsworth set a task for five groups of first year students to develop an online campaign aimed at mobilising young voters in the… Read more »

#BUEU2014: Students travel to the EU Parliament in Brussels, interview MEPs

In mid-March, 34 students from across the Politics and Media Degree and other Media and Business School programmes spent a week in Brussels on a fact finding trip to prepare for a project that focuses on the 2014 European Parliamentary Elections. Television Production second-year student Edward Lawrence was amongst those students. Below is a reflection… Read more »

What does the EU do for you? CMC students, staff head to Brussels to find out

As a result of a successful BU Fusion fund bid, 34 students drawn from across the Politics and Media Degree and other Media and Business School programmes are in Brussels this week for a five-day fact finding trip. The trip is part of a project around engaging the public in the 2014 European Parliamentary Elections…. Read more »

CMC’s CEB, staff and students team up to help local charities

A project to help charities create a social media strategy has started at Bournemouth University. CMC’s Creative Enterprise Bureau (CEB) worked in collaboration with local charities and digital agency Adido to combine skills and knowledge of social media. The project started with a workshop delivered by social media experts to introduce the idea of having… Read more »

Politics students attend talk by journalist John Sweeney

Wednesday, 12 February, students from across all courses of the Media School at BU gathered  to listen to a talk given by the eminent author and journalist, John Sweeney. Known most famously for his Panorama documentaries including his undercover investigation in North Korea and his investigations into The Church of Scientology, Sweeney has garnered much praise… Read more »

Who fills the library with all that stuff to read?

By Richard Scullion CMC Associate Dean So just what else do the academics in our group do beyond creating and delivering teaching and learning directly for for the more than 900 undergraduate and postgraduate students each year, developing assignments and offering feedback and marks for student work? Many people think that is pretty much what… Read more »