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BA (Hons) Politics and Media students presented their work to the Media Team of Amnesty International, UK.

Final year students of the BA (Hons) Politics and Media worked on a ‘live’ assignment in the context of their New Political Communication unit (led by Dr. Anastasia Veneti) with the Media team of Amnesty International UK. On 9th May 2017, students presented a 12-month Media Plan to the Head of Amnesty’s Media, PR and… Read more »

BU PR Alumni Makes a ‘Towerful” Difference Through Social Media

Alex’s Dad: “I can’t believe they’re painting it red and white!” Alex: ‘Me either!” ….”This stirs up sentiment because they’re the colours of Southampton football team and, since the Royal Navy is a key influence here, it only makes sense to make it blue”, say Alex. Alex Judd, former BAPR student at BU who graduated in… Read more »

First Year PR Student, Dominic Stephens, Conquers 2015 Election With JUMP Tv

Dominic Stephens, first year PR student at Bournemouth University, may have only just started his degree but he’s already tackling the media world with his work through the BBC and JUMP Tv. In efforts to best highlight his incredible experience and influences on the 2015 election, the following interview lets him do all the talking…. Read more »

Question Time event chaired by first year Politics and Media student Morgan Thomas

  Bournemouth University politics and media student, Morgan Thomas, chaired the Election Question Time event held last night which covered topics such as housing, Trident and immigration among others. The event consisted of 5 potential MPs who discussed both national and local issues on the Bournemouth University campus. These MPs were: Conor Burns,Conservative prospective MP… Read more »

Politics students host Election 2015 conference for young people

​by Daniel Williams On Friday 30th January, Politics students from Bournemouth University hosted an event with the wider aim to engage younger people with politics, teaching them the importance of voting and, rather importantly, how to register for the vote. The day consisted of a number of events to show the younger audiences how the… Read more »

Making the case for politics: politicians tell young people why they should care

By Alice Fews, Lauren Webb, Ben Tuff, and Kane Ingram, Politics & Media first year students On Friday 27th September, the Politics & Media degree organised a debate on ‘why politics matters’, which was also the title of the event. Here you can read about what they said at the event.

Politicians from across the political spectrum tell young people why politics matters

By James Fuller, Politics & Media first year Political party membership is at an all time low. Young people don’t vote and appear apathetic to party politics. So, what are the parties going to do about it? The Politics & Media degree  hosted an afternoon event at the end of September that set a challenge… Read more »

Politics.co.uk editor kicks off Politics Society speaker series

By Alison Smith, 2nd Year Politics & Media Student Is it possible to argue your way from Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to the imprisonment of Liam Stacey for tweeting abuse about Fabrice Muamba?  The answer would appear to be, yes, taking in modern art, Brazillian transexuals, un-Britishness, lad’s mags and rape porn along the way. Speaking at… Read more »

CMC’s Dan Jackson in fashion in Milan

by Dr Dan Jackson, CMC senior lecturer Last week I attended the ECREA Political Communication section’s conference entitled: “NEW TRENDS IN POLITICAL COMMUNICATION: Evidence, theories, implications, opportunities”. Upon paper acceptance we were told to expect hotels to be in high demand during the conference. It was only once I arrived that I realized why: it… Read more »