Industry testimonials

The following collection of quotes come from our friends in industry who support the CMC academic group by providing placement opportunities for our students, and “live” assignments for our degree programme. Some also work with us on research or commercial consultancy projects.

If you would be interested in working with our staff and students please don’t hesitate to get in touch: 01202 962020.

“Bournemouth’s BA Public Relations programme creates talented graduates, when they do their final year unit they become incredibly attractive employees for CCGroup. They understand the fundamental principles of corporate strategy and the role that public relations can play in supporting the achievement of that strategy – something beyond many client contacts at director level and above”

– Richard Fogg, CC Group 

“MediaCom has been involved with BU over a decade now, I’ve stuck with it every year because I enjoy it so much. From our perspective it’s really useful as an employment tool, it’s a great opportunity for us to find new talent.”

– Dan Whitmarsh, MediaCom

“Your university certainly has the highest calibre of PR students of all the universities offering PR degrees, and our current intern, also a Bournemouth student is no exception. Your Public Relations academic staff should be proud“

– Leo Tan, CAPCOM

“Working with the Advertising students has been really interesting, there’s been all sorts of different approaches to our brief. Some of them have been extremely interesting, others have made us really think about our strategy and open up to think about other opportunities. It’s been a really good process.”

 Carla Speering, GlaxoSmithKline

“The work on emerging consumer segments presented by the students at Bournemouth was quite simply fantastic. They showed a strong ability to combine theoretical undertanding with asute commercial nous in producing rich consumer-based insights. Many of the insights generated would be the envy of research agencies up and down the country, and would provide rich stimulus for advertising creatives across the land.”

– Darren Hanley, Hope and Anchor

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