Stephanie Bradshaw, advertising student on sandwich placement at Studio Gill in Cardiff

  1. Course Stephanie_Bradshaw_Studio_Gill

BA (Hons) Advertising at Bournemouth University

  1. Placement Title and Department

Worked as a Creative for half the placement on the Creative team. Then worked as a Junior Planner and Accounts team.

  1. What inspired you about this placement?

I was inspired by the potential of this placement; the potential to grow, develop and learn, as well as have a huge impact on the output of work. Due to the nature of the placement and the size of the agency, I knew I’d be working closely with senior and Director level members of staff. Studio Gill is incredibly well established, and is possibly the most original agency of Cardiff; therefore I was keen to make an impact.

  1. How have you found working life?

Working life has been exactly what I expected, and more. Not only have I enjoyed working with new people on real briefs and the excitement of submitting a tender, but I have enjoyed the perks that come with that too. The nature of the agency, and the friendly atmosphere, has enabled me to flourish, make new friends and develop a level of confidence with clients that I would not have expected to gain in the 10 months.

  1. What have been some of your highlights to date?

One of my favourite moments working for Studio Gill was having the opportunity to work solely with the Business Director to dissect a brief and establish a winning concept. Another huge perk was working with a high level healthcare brand and making a considerable contribution to the ‘second skin’ concept that the client absolutely loved. Nothing made the whole process more rewarding than hearing the positive feedback from the Business Director of the whole firm. Ubiquity Group [Studio Gill’s holding company] planned a leaving event for me on the 15th May and everyone in all five companies attended.

  1. How have you found the support from the University, particularly with the placement reviews and your designated Placement Development Advisor?

The University Placement Development Advisor, who was Vianna Renaud, has been more than helpful for me on placement. Not only has she provided me with the right level of support throughout the process, but also travelled the long distance from Bournemouth to Cardiff, arriving with a beaming smile on her face for our meeting.

Manager comments – Business Development Director of Ubiquity Group (Studio Gill)

  1. What was it about Stephanie, her application and the interview process, that secured her the placement with you?

Stephanie came across very well in the interview. She was confident and it was clear that she would fit in well within the team and would be able to work well with others. She also seemed hungry to learn and had a very positive energy and can do attitude.

  1. How has it been having Stephanie as part of your team?

It’s been a really good experience for the both of us. Steph has contributed a lot to the agency helping out with different roles from creative writing and brainstorming to PR work. She’s been good fun to have around as well, which is important for moral, and hopefully she has learnt a lot in her time here.

  1. Any advice for students currently looking for placement that would like to join your team; what 3 things are a MUST for you?

First and foremost they need to be a nice person and easy to work with. Secondly they need to be positive and go that extra mile so being proactive and thinking for yourself is important. Thirdly they need to be able to have a wide skills set from design work to creative writing as they are often asked to do a wide range of jobs.

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