BU placement students showcase their creativity on YouTube for Disney Destinations International

Name and Course Abigail, Emilia, Mia

Emilia-Jade Gibson – Marketing Communications

Abigail Ridgwell – Advertising

Mia Jones – Advertising

2. Placement job title and division / department

Emilia – Digital Partnerships/ Marketing Coordinator – Disney Destinations International

Abigail – Advertising & Media and Digital Marketing Intern – Disney Destinations International

Mia – PR & Partnerships Intern – Disney Destinations International

3. How did this project come into being?
Within the Disney Destinations International department, there are 7 interns with different roles including Marketing, Sales, Advertising, PR and Finance.  Our department has approximately 70 Cast members and each month we have a team meeting held in our in-house cinema. In one of our all team meetings we were asked to create a presentation showcasing what our roles involve within our teams and details of our experience throughout our year with the Disney Destinations team.

4. How did you go about it?
Instead of doing a presentation in front of the department, we decided to take a more creative approach which was to produce a video that provided an overview of our placement year experience. Our aim was to meet the criteria set by our department whilst also adding each of our own individual perspectives and experiences within Disney Destinations International. We wanted to include light hearted humour, whilst also giving a couple of minutes overview of our roles, who we report in to, what we do on a daily/weekly basis and also what we hope to gain from our placement year.

5. What will it be used for?
The intern video was shared in our Disney Destinations Cast member meeting and has since been uploaded to YouTube. The video will be shared with new interns to give them glimpse into what their roles will involve and also to share with new long term cast members to help them understand how important interns are within the department and what they have to offer.

As the 3 of us attend Bournemouth University, we decided to recreate a short version of the video that only includes our 3 roles at Disney. We wanted to share this with fellow Bournemouth students as well as possibly uploading it to Rate My Placement and to also showcase on the CMC blog.

6. What has the result been?
As this is the first year the interns have been asked to present during the cast meeting, we were really pleased with the positive feedback we received from the wider team. As a result the management team have suggested going forward to introduce the presentation element at the start of the placement year so the wider team have a clear understanding of everyone’s role and who they report into. Since sharing our video our managers have created a leaving video, thanking us each for our work over the year as well as holding a ‘graduation’ ceremony which we were definitely not expecting!

7. The link!

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