BU Advertising Student Sam Guinivan Wins D&AD Pencil



“They wanted to see the world, but it seems something else in their lives always got in the way. If Airbnb could tap into this and help their consumers achieve their ambitions, they would be much more likely to engage. “


On 2 July 2015 BU Advertising and Marketing student Sam Guinivan won one of 6 coveted D&AD ‘Pencils’ in the category for ‘New Blood’ for his idea of ‘Airbnb Now’.

According to Guinivan’s awards entry, ‘Airbnb Now’ allows those who cannot afford or make time to travel be able to do so through a community-led campaign that celebrates the stories of family and friends while turning their travel plans into reality now – not in the future. He states, ‘regardless of where we’re from, how old we are, or what language we speak, we all have dreams and ambitions of where we want to go. But life gets in the way. We allow ourselves to become creatures of habit and relegate our future adventures to pipe dreams in favour of our safe, daily routines. Airbnb Now changes that.”

A huge congratulations goes out to Sam who won the award through incredible amounts of research and dedication with the help of his tutors, Don Parker, Senior Advertising Lecturer at BU, and Clifford Van Wyk, Senior Lecturer In Advertising & Market Communication.

For more information on Sam’s win and D&AD, click here.


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