Hanna Soennecken on placement at Longleat Safari Park and Adventure Park

1.CourseHanna at Longleat



Marketing & Sales Assistant at Longleat

3.What inspired you about this placement?

I thought that there would be a lot of interesting and exciting tasks at hand from working in the Leisure and Tourism industry. I wanted a job that would be different most days and not mundane and repetitive.

4.How have you found working life?

I’ve enjoyed working in two separate departments because it has allowed me to explore and develop my skills in both Marketing & Sales. Working in the leisure & tourism has been extremely exciting and I have loved being part of some of the events run at the park. Everyone is extremely friendly and it’s been a great place to work!

5.What have been some of your highlights to date?

  • To be involved in the creative process of innovative ways of promoting Longleat House, Safari & Adventure Park, Cheddar Gorge and two hotels
  • Supporting the Marketing team with planning and executing agreed events and promotional activity.

6.How have you found the support from the University, particularly with the placement reviews and your designated Placement Development Advisor?

The support has been great! I felt very comfortable speaking to my Placement Development Advisor. If I had any problems, she was always at hand to give helpful advice.

7.Some days are harder than others; how did you stay motivated during tough times?

When times are tough it is all too easy to let things get on top of you. The key is not to let work completely dominate and control your life. It’s important to have a social life and see friends and family. Remember to take time to relax and recharge.

And another thing….don’t stick your head in the sand! Confront the issue or problem head-on, and if necessary get other colleagues involved and ask them for their opinions.


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