BU Public Relations Networking and Employability Forum

On Wednesday, 11th March, the first PR Networking and Employability Forum was held for all level C and I students. Students on the BA Public Relations (BAPR) degree were brought together with industry contacts in a very fresh approach to networking and hosting something like a reverse career day.

BAPR Networking Forum BAPR Networking Forum

Reflecting on the success of the event, Anastasios Theofilou, BA (Hons) Public Relations Programme Leader, highlights the clear impact this had to the student experience: “We put the students in the heart of this process and supported them to develop and present their CVs in a poster format. All students received constructive feedback on their CVs by: employers, employability officers, placement development advisors, CMC colleagues and BAPR level H colleagues, while a good number of students were invited to be interviewed on the day or to submit their CV to the employer in order to be potentially contacted later on”.

BAPR Networking Forum

The 26 employers who attended the event also benefited by meeting all 84 students in person, even offering some to be interviewed on the day! Level H students supporting the event also had an opportunity to network with the employers.

BAPR Networking Forum


Holly Brown, forum organiser and final year PR student, recaps on the event and it’s incredible success:

As a student who helped to organise this event for level I and C students, how do you think it went?

“I think it went really well, all of the employers were really engaged and keen to meet students. It gave students the opportunity to show their enthusiasm and personality in person”.

BAPR Networking Forum


For next year’s forum, do you have any suggestions on what might make the event even better?

“It would be great for more employers to take part as it was very successful and beneficial for students to hear straight from them what they’re looking for.”

What was your favourite part of the event?

“My favourite part was probably the interviews as I think it really puts students on the spot and gives them a feel for the interview process if they haven’t had a chance to experience it before. Even if they don’t get offered anything from the day, they’ve still gained skills in interview techniques.”

BAPR Networking Forum


The event was organized by Anastasios Theofilou along with fellow colleagues Hilary Stepien, Karen Ephram, Vianna Renaud, Debbie Hall, Heather Yaxley, Emma Wray, Zella Compton, Liam Toms, Michelle Sanderson and BAPR level H students Dev Mistry, Courtney Lucas and Holly Brown, all of whom hope to make this an annual forum.

BAPR Networking Forum


If you’re an employer interested in taking part in next year’s forum or a student interested in the planning process, contact Anastasios Theofilou for more information on how you can get involved.

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