Placement Pals here to answer your questions about life before and during placement!

Written by Chelsea BattlePlacement Pals

We are very proud to be continuing with our Placement PAL programme for this academic year. The Peer Assisted Learning Program is an exciting opportunity for selected final year students to showcase their sandwich placement experience expertise, mentoring the second year students and imparting their knowledge in how to best prepare for placements and the life of industry.

After an initial training session ran by Debbie Hall and Vianna Renaud, the School’s Placement Development Advisors, the students were ready to lead their own seminar group highlighting the key aspects of placement year. Introducing their personal experience to a small group of Level I students, they covered important areas such as how to research and find a placement, specific aspects of the procedure, and a whole host of tips for placement year. The Placement Pals will offer advice and guidance on improving CV’s, interview techniques and writing cover letters, quite often a daunting task for those students who have not come across this before.  Our PAL leaders have worked with a number of big organisations, including; Apple, GSK and Disney, as well as working with smaller companies and agencies like Hurtigruten and Teradata, both in and out of London and the UK.  The integration between Level H and Level I students offers a personal approach to the difficult application process, allowing students to gain valuable advice from those whom have directly experienced it.

The Placement PAL experience, as well as offering wonderful support to new students, offers some great benefits for final year students. Final year students have expressed great enthusiasm for the role. New PAL leader Sarah Kenworthy said, “I want to share what I have learnt with upcoming students. I have undertaken two placements this year and have learnt a lot from it and want to share my knowledge with the new students and compare my different experiences”. The Placement Pal programme is a mutually beneficial scheme allowing students to develop and grow together and based on how things have already kicked off, we are sure it is going to be a success!

This year’s Placement Pals are:

BAM – Damien Phelan, Natalie Nicholls, Anna Newman, Emma Sargeant, Katherina Spillane, Nicola Coe, Sarah Kenworthy, and Chelsea Battle.

BAPR – Kelly Phelps, Laura Shackley, and Constantine Muzvuru.

BAAMC – Eleanor McGuffog, James Bayani, Emily Badger, Thomas Rickhuss, Sam Guinivan, and Jordan Oates.


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