66 CMC students achieve professional marketing qualification

In the first year of the CIM Graduate Gateway programme at Bournemouth  University, 66 first and second year students on the BA (Hons) Marketing Communications, BA (Hons) Advertising and BSc (Hons) Marketing successfully completed the level 3 Introductory Certificate in Marketing (now updated to the level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing in the new CIM syllabus suite of professional qualifications).

Students achieved pass rates ahead of the UK national average in both of the modules of the Introductory Certificate and the University received two letters of commendation from the CIM stating for student performance on the What is Marketing module:

“The Awarding Body at The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has commended Bournemouth University Media School for the excellent standard of results achieved for assessments submitted in the December 2013 assessments session for the What is Marketing  module of the CIM Introductory Certificate in Marketing.”

Former first year students start the process of looking for a placement with a recognised professional qualification already on their CV. Former second year students already out on placement can point to meaningful engagement with their chosen discipline and its leading professional body. Student feedback on the course has been highly positive.

Becky Eastwood, second year Marketing Communications student, said, “The CIM Introductory Certificate was a great course to take part in in order to underpin and add to what I had already learnt in the course. It was also good when looking for placements as it was an additional activity that I could talk about in interviews to impress companies. The marketing aspects that I have learnt will also be useful for when I am carrying out my placement as I now have additional marketing knowledge that I can put into practice. Overall, it will improve my opportunities in future through having this additional qualification behind me.”

Nicola Barnes, second year Marketing Communications student, said “I think that the CIM course was helpful and the extra work was manageable. The second unit in particular complements the Customer Loyalty unit in second year, and it was useful to recap what was learnt in the first year in the first unit of the CIM course. It was also beneficial to have the added qualification on my CV when looking for a placement as many interviewers asked about and were impressed by it.”

Following the successful first year of Graduate Gateway, the Foundation Certificate will be offered to first year students on the BA Marketing Communications, BA Advertising and BSc Marketing as an optional study programme, starting in October 2014.

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