Advertising student Joshua Gorman on placement at Kesslers International in London

Placement Job Title: Marketing Assistant- Kesslers InternationalJoshua Gorman

So….tell us about Kesslers. 

Kesslers is one of Europe’s leading POP and POS retail design and merchandising solutions company based in Stratford, London. Kesslers has a very wide range of clients including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, L’Oreal Designer Fragrances, Stella McCartney, Topp’s Tiles, Coty, Mars (UK and France), DeWalt, Post Office, The Starlight Foundation, Little Greene Paint Company and many more.

Placement Highlight……

Starting my placement came at a very fortunate time for the company as they were just gearing up to celebrate their 120th Anniversary. This in itself was a huge campaign consisting of 3 events and 2 direct marketing campaigns. Alongside my manager we organised a lunch for 60 people, held at the House of Commons. This was really exciting for me as it gave me a real insight into events and meticulous planning (although we hadn’t planned for the bomb scare half way through the first course).


The lowlight of my placement would probably be around the Christmas period. Every year, Kesslers sends out around 3,000 Christmas cards to clients, customers and consultants. This is made even more complicated by the fact that in most cards, several signatures are needed (bare in mind the office and factory amass to 130,000 sq. ft). Safe to say when Christmas time came, I very much needed a break!

Projects you worked on….

While at Kesslers I worked on a wide variety of projects. I was very fortunate to be involved with some huge new business presentations (some of which required me to go along on the day and meet potential clients). I was also involved in the POPAI Paris Awards (this is an industry trade show and awards), which involved me organising absolutely everything (van for transporting units, drivers, hotels, parking, restaurants, tickets to the show). It was great fun but also very tiring being in Paris for a week running around constantly! I also went to trade shows, conferences, and client meetings and store visits which was fun.

And living in London for the year…. 

I absolutely loved living in London and in some ways this makes moving back to Bournemouth slightly more difficult. I just think it’s a great place for young people to be (despite being VERY expensive)!

Now looking back, would you have done things any differently? 

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t do anything differently. I was quite happy to do anything Kesslers threw at me, which I think taught me a huge amount. I think this is essential key to being a good placement student, although it might be tedious at the time it will all add to your learning experience.

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