Testimonial – Advertising student James Bayani on placement in the UK and Sweden

During my placement year I worked at three different businesses; my main reason for choosing to do a variety of placements was due to the fact James Bayanithat I wanted to experience of the different areas of advertising that I was interested in; Creative, Digital and Planning to help me find out the specific area I wanted to work in as well as improving as many skills and techniques as I could.

My first internship was 6 weeks at Isobar in London, a digital agency where I worked with the social media team. I had the chance to work with many international clients from ranging from Absolut Vodka to Google and was responsible for social analytics, content planning, audience research as well as assisting with pitches and strategic campaign planning.

My highlights of working at isobar was working on the award winning “Tweet When You Eat” campaign for Kellogg’s Krave where I helped with creating challenges sent to youtubers. Another highlight was assisting in a winning multinational pitch for Google play by providing assets and conducting key research as well as creating mock up advertisements which were used as final work.

My next placement was at Holy Diver, a creative agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. Working for a creative agency in Sweden has given me the opportunity to experience a different cultural aspect of advertising and has proved that I can cope with it. One of my highlights involved working on a national campaign for JM’s “Stora Visningsdag”, where I assisted in building the creative used throughout the campaign such as print and mobile ads. Although my designated role was being an assistant to the creative director, I integrated myself throughout the company and supported other colleagues within the agency by sharing with them my knowledge of social media.

My final internship was with React Adapt a small digital agency with national and local clients based in the south west of England.  I was able to engage my new skills that I had learnt throughout the year into my final placement as well as bringing a new creative mind-set that I had learnt in Stockholm. Because of this, I was trusted with more responsibilities and managed two main clients’ social media profiles. As these clients were smaller and often had tighter budgets, this meant that it was necessary to find creative ways to connect with customers with fun and engaging content. My highlight was designing and then creating a winning pitch for Turtle Bay, a national restaurant chain who was seeking a new digital agency.

I had a great time on my placement year and I would highly recommend doing more than one placement to get a good feel of what is out there and what it is like to work for different types of businesses.

Isobar: http://www.isobar.com/uk/home

Holy Diver: http://www.holydiver.se/

React Adapt: http://reactadapt.co.uk/


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