Politics course leader publishes tear gas commentary in wake of US protests

The AtlanticIn light of recent protest events in Ferguson, U.S. surrounding the killing of an unarmed teenager by a local officer, the state of police militarization has come under scrutiny in the media. Everyone from senators, veteran officers, community leaders and public relations experts are asking critical questions about what policing should look like in 21st century America. Contributing to this conversation, Dr. Anna Feigenbaum, who leads the Politics course,¬†draws from her Wellcome Trust funded research to offer historical insight. Writing for the international section of The Atlantic, a world leading platform of cultural and political commentary, Anna discusses how tear gas has been used by law enforcement agents in the 100 years since its first deployment in World War 1. She asks, What does it means for a nation to ‘police with poison’? The article forms part of her forthcoming book Tear Gas: The Making of a Peaceful Poison (Verso 2015).¬†



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