Advertising placement – Ellie McGuffog at Rowcroft Hospice

Placement Job Title: Marketing and Communications Intern, Marketing and Communications Department at Rowcroft HospiceEllie McGuffog

“For 12 months I have worked within Rowcroft Hospice’s marketing and communications team and I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of it due to my varied workload! I have particularly enjoyed being part of strategy meetings and leading digital campaigns. Rowcroft has many different campaigns and appeals, each having a unique tone of voice and different target demographic. It’s been really fun having to work to small budgets and I definitely think my placement experience has helped me to think more creatively.”


From Rachel Bell, her supervisor

‘It has been a real pleasure working with Eleanor and seeing her confidence grow over the last 9 months. She has become an integral part of the marketing and communications team, bringing fresh ideas and creativity to our work. There is no doubt that Eleanor has developed our digital capabilities and increased our social media presence considerably. Her enthusiasm, talent and dedication to both the hospice and to the role will be hard to match.’

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