2013 – 14 – Louisa Steele and Anna Bulman, Advertising student and supervisor at MRM Meteorite London

1. What interested you in working for MRM?
Louisa Steele

They had sent out a really great creative ad so this had initially caught my eye. Once I had carried out some research into the agency and learned what they were all about, I saw that they specialised in digital and CRM – 2 things that had really interested me during our studies at uni. It was those 2 areas that really got me excited about the possibility of working for MRM Meteorite in London. I also just wanted to know what agency life was like, as everything I had heard about the ‘agency environment’ at Uni I found particularly appealing.

2. How have you found working in an agency?

I’d never worked or had experience in an agency beforehand so I had no idea what to expect when I started but I have absolutely loved it! The culture within the agency is great and is really fun. There are always drinks after work, work parties, and extra little things, like everyone sits in the canteen to eat their lunch together. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help out as well. It felt a lot more relaxed than I had expected. While everyone is always ridiculously busy, it doesn’t feel like a stressed environment to work in; much more motivating and inspiring.

 3. What have been some of the projects you have worked on?

At the start of my placement I worked a lot on new business in planning, so I gained valuable experience with live pitches and how the agency works and plans their pitches. During the first couple of months, I worked on pitches specifically for Waitrose, Coca-Cola, Miller Beer, SSE, Vertu, Halifax and P&O Ferries. I got to work alongside some of the best people in the agency, which I found to be an incredibly insightful experience.

For the second half of my placement I focused on our current clients and accounts, and therefore carried out more day-to-day planning tasks such as researching and collecting those golden nuggets of information that help form the creative briefs we write. Some of our accounts I’ve worked on closely have been Homebase, Intel, Guardian and Lebara. It gave me a completely different perspective on how planning works from day-to-day, rather than just in new biz and pitches.

4. What has been your placement highlight?

It sounds so cliché but it’s really hard to pick just one highlight. I have had an amazing year and have worked with some really lovely people who have helped me develop and learn along the way. One of work related highlights would probably be the presentation I did to the Lebara client. I had carried out a lot of research with international students for a brief, then was asked to present my findings and insight back to the client. I was slightly anxious at first as I would be presenting on my own, but it was a great experience and really helped improved my presentation skills within a formal environment. I was also part of the charity committee during my year at MRM Meteorite which was really fun and rewarding. So, although it wasn’t directly related to the work side of my placement, it’s definitely been one of my highlights here at MRM. We planned 2 parties during the year, alongside a lot of other fundraising events like themed days in the agency and bake sales. Not only were the parties loads of fun but they were really successful and we also raised loads of money for our 2 charities SANDS and St Mungo’s.


From Anna Bulman, Louisa’s supervisor

1. What was the magic ingredient to Louisa’s application / interview that made you choose her for the role?

Unfortunately I wasn’t present in the interview but things that made Louisa stand out to the interview panel were:

1. Her choice of digital campaign and description of insight behind it and why it worked

2. Her confidence and professional way she presented herself, enthusiasm she displayed for the industry and agency

3. Her organisational skills – as well as supporting in research and campaign planning there is a lot of team organisation and resource management that we require Junior staff to manage and something Louisa showed examples of having done and being willing to do, and has been great at supporting us with this year.

2. How has it been having a placement student?

Brilliant, Louisa has become a valuable member of our team and we’ll miss her when she’s gone. I think it’s great to have someone with a real ‘can-do’ attitude, that attempts all tasks with enthusiasm and energy and integrates well into the team. Getting involved in extra and the wider agency activity is key to really adding to the agency culture and supporting the permanent staff who are often time poor. Louisa’s taken on the internal newsletter, organising charity events, live tweeting from company hosted events, social media management, welcome meals, leaving drinks, and helping the HR team with employee engagement.

3. Any advice for students hoping to find a placement within an agency?

Be enthusiastic, get stuck into everything and anything, ask lots of questions to build your knowledge of the agency and role you’re expected to do, be collaborative and easy to work with, and have fun!


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