CMC staff celebrate research success

The CMC group is celebrating two successful research bids. Prof Tom Watson was awarded funding for the British Council Researcher Links Workshop  for a project to be conducted with Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. It will be held in February next year. The bid was chosen in competition with 400 submissions.

Both national coordinators have early career researchers as deputy coordinators: Dr Ana Adi at Bournemouth University and Dr Phansasiri Kularb at Chulalongkorn. This will enable them to widen organisational experience as part of their academic skills development. Others involved in the project include Dr Dan Jackson, Prof Iain MacRury, Dr Georgiana Grigore and Dr Tasos Theofilou but the team may be expanded.

The second success was that of  Georgiana, Tasos and Tom, who have gained another grant for corporate social responsibility research from the Arthur W. Page Center at Penn State University in the US. They received a similar grant in the year. These are very competitive and it is unusual to get two-in-a-row. Georgiana wrote the bid document with collaboration with her co-investigators.

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