CMC staff splash out for Integrated Marketing Comms unit

First-year advertising, marketing and PR students taking Integrated Marketing Communications this semester will be teamed up to start developing a communciatiosn strategy for Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park.


CMC’s Liam, Shenel, Tauheed and Adrian

The lecturing team visited the Adventure Park owned by Merlin Entertainment Group in January to prepare for the live brief that students will respond to as part of their assignment for the unit. Adrian Lawrence, Dr Tauheed Ramjaun, and Shenel McLawrence demonstrated their skills for integration on their visit to the Adventure Park.

Representing the client on the trip was CMC’s Liam Toms, manager of the Creative Enterprise Bureau (CEB). The CEB is the commercial arm of the academic group, connecting CMC staff and students to businesses that need marking, advertising, PR and political consultancy research and/or communications.

Each year, the Integrated Marketing Communications unit works with a client and asks students to respond to a brief for a campaign that involves advertising, marketing and public relations strategies and tactics.

The semester starts this week, and so students will team up to work together across degree programmes to develop their campaign proposal for Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park.

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