Making a case for politics

Politics is like Marmite – people either love it or hate it. But it matters.

WhyPoliticsMattersOn 27 Sept. at the Executive Business Centre, the Politics & Media Degree is hosting ‘Why Politics Matters’, an  event to make a case for party politics with guests including politicians from across the political spectrum.

Lower and lower numbers of people are engaging with political parties, especially amongst the youngest of potential voters. Raising questions about whether young people lost hope in our political parties. Has the media made people too cynical about politicians? Why is party membership for all the major parties at an all-time low? Is there anything the political parties can do to turn this situation around?

These are just some of the questions to be addressed at the event, which features presentations, Q&A’s and discussion led by MPs from the Labour (Bob Ainsworth), Lib-Dem (Annette Brooke) and Conservative Parties (Conor Burns), the leader of the Green Party (Natalie Bennett) and a UKIP prospective MP (Robin Grey). Each will try to persuade an audience of students why they should take politics seriously and join their party. There will also be a presentation on research into young people’s attitudes to politics with some surprising results. We expect a lively debate on the state of politics today.

Spaces are limited but if you wish to register for a free place at this event please visit:  or contact the Programme Leader for Politics and Media David McQueen at:

Why Politics Matters

Friday, 27 Sept., 3-6 pm, Executive Business Centre, 89 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, Room 206

3.05 – 3.15 Coffee and welcome by Politics and Media team  and Ian Jones (Head of Regional Community Partnerships for BU)

3.15 – 3.30 BA Graduate Felicity Pentland presents the results of her research into young voter apathy: ‘Apathetic or Uninformed’

3.30- 3.40: Natalie Bennett, Leader, Green Party

3.40- 3.50 Bob Ainsworth MP, Labour Party (former Secretary of State for Defence)

3.50-4.00 Conor Burns MP, Conservative Party

4.00-4.10 Annette Brooke MP, Liberal Democrat Party

4.10-4.20 Robin Grey, UKIP

4.20- 4.50 Q&A and debate with speakers’ panel

4.50-5.00 Local Party Recruitment stalls, the one question video booth

5.00-5.50 Light refreshments and networking

6.00 Close

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