PR and advertising masters students team up for scratchcard brief

Apollo, a young and innovative Integrated Communications agency'. Team members from left: Dan Popescu, Deema Sonbol, Minee Bhise, Mengying Zhu, Holly Montague, Sarah Hambly

Apollo, a young and innovative Integrated Communications agency’. Team members from left: Dan Popescu, Deema Sonbol, Minee Bhise, Mengying Zhu, Holly Montague, Sarah Hambly

Master’s degree students for Public Relations and Advertising and Marketing Communications develop a pitch for a real client as part of the for Integrated Campaign unit. This spring, five teams went to central London to receive the brief from Havas Media, which offers media planning and buying across a range of channels. This year’s brief was on behalf of Camelot and, more specifically, the National Lottery Scratchcards.

One of the teams, Apollo, developed their own agency and agency identity as part of the brief. Pictured right, the team was comprised of Mengying Zhu, Sarah Hambly and Dan Popescu from the PR MA and Holly Montague, Deema Sonbol and Minee Bhise from the Advertising MA. Below, Dan and Sarah discuss their experiences of the unit:

“After completing a significant amount of primary and secondary research in addition to a number of creative brainstorms, we developed our big idea. In order to improve the image of scratchcards, our team developed a campaign which emphasised the excitement of playing and the ability to interact with friends and family when doing so. We developed a number of advertising campaigns, the themes of which related back to excitement and engagement. One was based on the idea of losing one’s scratchcard virginity which deployed shock and derived humour from innuendo. Another campaign centred on the excitement of sport and therefore turned what some might see as a fairly mundane action of playing a scratchcard into a grand sporting event that included commentary and cheering fans.

The team developed the image above as part of the agency identity for our pitch. Given that our campaign addresses 18-34 year old Britons, we wanted to demonstrate that our ‘agency’ had strong ties to the target audience. We also wanted to illustrate that Apollo is a young and irreverent communications agency. We feel that the photo captures our sense of fun and energy, which also reverberates through our campaign. We hoped that this approach would differentiate our agency from the other student agencies who were pitching for the business.

The marking panel consisted of Media School representatives, a representative from Havas Media and Camelot. The agencies praised our team for our ‘pitch drama’, seen in the television screens that projected our team photo and a teaser for the presentation. We also provided bottles of water that had our agency logo on them. Furthermore, the clients commended us for our bold ideas and our performance in the Question and Answer session following our presentation.

Everyone at Apollo feel that we developed a great deal. We learnt from working with companions on the other course who have different ideas and thought processes. We also experienced media planning for the first time. A live brief from Camelot (Havas Media) gave us a great exposure as campaign planning initiation”

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