The role of digital media in the Bournemouth Occupy movement

Occupy Bournemouth has come under the spotlight in a talk by Dr Kevin Moloney and Ana Adi at the Social Media, Journalism and Communication Symposium.

The talk compared and analysed the #OccupyBournemouth group with other national and local groups within the Occupy movement.

Their work was inspired by talks about the role digital and social media plays in the communication of protest narratives.

The talk delivered at Canterbury Christ Church University is the beginning of a longer endeavour looking into the uses of technology by advocacy and protest groups.

Their approach, highly qualitative, blends traditional interview and observation techniques, with a click-by-click analysis of the social media outputs of the Occupy Bournemouth group and other groups that they mention or are affiliated with.

Their working conclusion is that groups whose communication is clearer are more successful in sparking dialogue and even influencing change.

Clear messaging in this case refers to formulation and organization however other factors such as environment, timing, are however major influencers of the reception of such messages.

A recording of their talk should be made available by the conference organizers in the near future but if you’re interested in learning more then check out the Prezi below.

Or contact Ana Adi ( 965106)

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