CMC academic features in industry newsletter

 Graham Goode, marketing lecturer, published an article about the importance of an industry placements in the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s (CIM) South West regional autumn newsletter. Graham, also the Higher Education Ambassador for CIM Dorset branch, discussed how it is beneficial for students and the companies that employ them. Karen Ephram, employability coordinator for the Media School, reviewed Graham’s article before publication.

Drawing on a research, Graham highlights how placements offer students a route to employment as employers, when hiring for their graduate programmes, are increasingly placing more importance on previous experience within their organisations. This in particular indicates how a placement facilitates students’ employability after they graduate. He also points out that through placements students learn more from their final year at university because they have gained confidence by being in industry and can use their placement experience to make stronger connections between theory and practice.

Bournemouth University is moving into offering placements for all degrees and for some programmes it is even compulsory, as with the Corporate and Marketing Communications degrees. This strategy coincides with the recommendations of the recent Wilson review of university-business collaboration, placing an emphasis on the value of work experience for full-time students.

To get a great placement, Graham recommends students engage with the graduate employment service and placement advisers who will help them in making the best choice. He also emphasises the importance of a strong CV and good interview skills. Finally, he says: “Find out as much as you can about your placement” in order to choose the one that suits you best.

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