CMC welcomes new staff

Dr. Heather Savigny

At the start of the academic year, Dr Heather Savigny joined the Corporate and Marketing Communication Academic Group as Senior Lecturer in Politics. She is also co-convenor of the Political Studies Association’s Media and Politics Group (also with Dr Dan Jackson, also from CMC).  Her research is broadly located in the areas of media, politics political communication and more recently gender. Questions about the nature of the ‘political’ and the way in which this is mediated, communicated and experienced, run through her research.  Heather is co-author (with Lee Marsden) of ‘Doing Political Science and International Relations (2011, Palgrave); co-editor (with Lee Marsden) of Media, Religion and Conflict (2009, Ashgate) and author of ‘The Problem of Political Marketing’  (2008, Continuum).  She has also published in a number of journals including European Journal of Communication; Political Studies; British Journal of Politics and International Relations.


Dr. Anna Feigenbaum

Dr. Anna Feigenbaum joined The Media School at Bournemouth University as a lecturer in August 2012. In 2012-2013 she holds a postdoctoral associate post at the Rutger’s Centre for Historical Analysis at Rutgers University in the United States where she is conducting research on how protest camps share and exchange knowledge and strategies. Her research takes a transdisciplinary approach to communications combining sociological and cultural studies methods around the notion of collective actions as communicative phenomenon.

In 2008 she completed her PhD dissertation, ‘Tactics and Technology at the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp,’ at McGill University in Montreal, where her project was funded internationally by a Mellon fellowship from the Institute for Historical Research, University of London and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Published research includes studies of global resistance to fences (ephemera 2010), women’s protest music production (Journal of Popular Music 2010), and protest camp-based print cultures (Feminist Media Studies 2012).

You can follow the protest camps project at and @protestcamps on twitter. For more on Anna’s teaching and learning innovations including a collection of open education resources, visit and follow @drfigtree on twitter.

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