CMC hosts ‘Engaging’ event for local politics

Dr. Darren Lilleker and colleagues from the Politics & Media Research Group organised and presented on 6 July at the Engaging the Public event held at the Executive Business Centre.

In July, CMC staff hosted a one-day conference on engaging citizens in their democracy that attracted about two dozen local politicians and campaigners, MPs and members of the public.

‘Engaging the Public: Putting the people back into democracy’, held at the Executive Business Centre on 6 July, included presentations from CMC’s Politics and Media Research Group covering topics from understanding the political consumer to using social media to best effect. The goal was to work with local organisations, politicians and activists to help them engage their publics at a time where it seems people are disinterested in politics and distrust those involved. Participants found the day useful and some said they’d like to see more events like it in the future.

Dr. Dan Jackson discusses the way that people discuss politics on non-political blogs as part of the Engaging the Public event at the Executive Business Centre on 6 July. The event was hosted by the Politics & Media Research Group.

The one-day conference was organized by Dr. Darren Lilleker and presentations were given by Dr. Richard Scullion, Dr. Dan Jackson, Dr. Shelley Thompson, Lillker, Dr. Kris Erickson, and Dr. Ana Adi, all lecturers and researchers in the Media School.

Participants and staff engaged in lively debate during the interactive talks and networking sessions. Throughout the day, staff and participants continued the discussion on social media, which was captured by Adi’s Storify of the day, which you can find here. Additionally, Adi and Lilleker wrote a white paper that outlines how organisations and individuals can create a daily social media routine to handle, monitor and measure social media, which you can find here.

‘Engaging the Public’ drew on the research and teaching expertise of the staff involved. Specifically, the staff are involved in research that aims to understand the political consumer, political strategy and campaigns, the mediation of politics and the impacts of political communication, and using the latest technology to mobilise citizens.

For further details about the event, please contact Dr. Darren Lilleker or see his blog.

More information about the Politics and Media research group can be found on their microsite.

(Photos by Ana Adi)

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