Argentina educational exchange

As of Friday 4th May this year, six students from the Advertising and Marketing Communications degree will be jetting off to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a fortnight as part of an educational exchange programme being established between Bournemouth University and the University of Catolica. They will be accompanied by Dr Richard Scullion and Cliff van Wyk.

This exciting opportunity, organised by Dr. Cheryl Martens and Dr. Scullion, has already begun; three students from Buenos Aires have joined us on the BAAMC course here in Bournemouth and are enthusiastically taking part in our final unit this term, Campaign Planning.

When Bournemouth’s Advertising group visit the leading South American University this May, we will be involved in running a version of Campaign Planning for the Argentinian students as well as attending a range of regular classes and sharing experiences of student life in England.

Many students are also considering using this outstanding opportunity to gain some extra work experience as well. Final Year Bournemouth advertising student, Rosa Greenslade, says “I have been contacting a few agencies in both Argentina and Brazil to gain even more experience whilst I’m out in South America. Why pass up such a great opportunity?” This is a sentiment wholeheartedly echoed by Dr. Richard Scullion, who claims that Argentina and Latin America have some of the most important “advertising creative hot houses” in the world, making “this exchange programme between Bournemouth University and the University of Catolica so apt for both students and staff”.

Cecilia Balbin, lecturer at the University of Catolica, is currently over here with her students, and says she is both “interested and excited” to be working with Bournemouth’s students. She has been working with second year BA Marketing students on the Digital Communication Strategies unit; “I have found the students to be wonderful information trackers and researchers,” she says, “as well as having an open minded attitude”.

As relations grow between the two Universities, there should be opportunities are further student exchanges in the future – something which Bournemouth University is keen to develop and harness over the coming years.

-Paul Martin and Paige Hobart

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