Comment dit-on ‘Leggit’?

The Raising and Giving Team (RAG) are the people to speak to if you want to get involved with some amazing fundraising for charity at Bournemouth University.

One of the events they host is called Leggit. The concept of Leggit is to form teams and try to travel as far away from Bournemouth as possible without spending a single penny, while hopefully getting a few in donations!

Out of the 360 students who took part this year, we followed the Leggit adventures of three second-year Advertising students: Jessica Pearson, Jennifer Gale and Abby Millar.

Using their charm and charisma they found themselves in free seats on the Eurostar and made it all the way to Paris.

It helped that they had recently started learning French with BU Languages. Jennifer said: “Hitchhiking our way through France wouldn’t have been nearly as easy if we hadn’t known how to communicate with the people effectively!” Abby agreed that even though it takes a lot of self-motivation, the resources BU languages provides are excellent for being able to pick up “real-life” language skills.

Mairead Mullarkey, another second year advertising student points out that learning a language takes a lot of effort, but that Bournemouth University provides everything you need for free. Also, while it is brilliant for fun-filled adventures like Leggit, it will widen job opportunities too.

Lauren Ellis, the president of RAG, was delighted to see lots of people get so far, so quickly, after the “big countdown that was very loud and full of energy”. The winning team managed to reach Tenerife. Here’s hoping they had a quick look at BU’s Spanish programme before setting off!

A grand total of £32,500 was raised through the Leggit event, nearly triple that of last year. Well done to everyone involved.

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