Remember the Liberal Democrats?: Politics second year reflects on the party conference

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Joe Bulman, second year on the Politics and Media degree, attended the Liberal Democrats Party conference in Bournemouth late last month and reflects on his experience below.

After what has been a busy summer for me personally, I must admit I nearly forgot they existed. They may have had a hand in government only 5 months ago but they now only have 8 MPs (a party with this few MPs doesn’t even have the right to ask a weekly question...

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CMC placement adviser presents at international conference

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ASETCMC’s Placement Development Adviser Vianna Renaud presented at an international conference on work-based and placement learning in September. Below she shares her experience at the conference and talks about her work on last year’s successful placement and...

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Returning placement students share their experience with second year students

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Last week we had the pleasure of having returning placement students speak to the new Level 5 students about their experiences. Delivering their placement highlights, challenges, key projects, and lessons gained to crowded lecture theatres, their real life experiences helped give the younger students key advice on how to approach their upcoming placement search.

The students who dedicated their time to present were:

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Tillie Smith, BAMC student, on sandwich placement at Honda UK

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Where are you originally from?

Originally from Wokingham, Berkshire

Why did you come to BU?

As the Media School is the best in the country. BU is also close to home, yet far enough away for me.

How was your placement search?

I found it interesting and it really surprised me how much you start to want a certain placement. Looking back now my search was not as extensive as some people I know but I am glad I...

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Melody Duarte on sandwich placement with Qatar Airways in Zurich Switzerland

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Course & Home CountryMelody Duarte

A few years ago I was a 2nd-year student in Marketing Communications seeking a work placement, preferably at an international company and abroad.

Before coming to Bournemouth University, I had always lived in Switzerland,...

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Nicola Barnes, sandwich marketing placement at Grapevine Digital

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Course – BA Marketing

Placement Job Title and Company – PR and Marketing Assistant at Grapevine Digital

Describe your role and responsibilities

The role was really varied and I was able to get involved in the majority of campaigns that Grapevine worked on throughout the year, contributing to different parts. I also found that my role changed throughout the year as due to a fast changing environment, it was...

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Ricarda Romer – Reflections on having two placements and a future in the industry

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Course – AdvertisingRicarda Romer

Where are you originally from and why did you decide on coming to BU?

I am from Germany and I decided to come to Bournemouth because the University has a great reputation, especially for the Media School.


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