CMC’s annual Promotional Communications Conference to attract +100 delegates

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Some 44 advertising, marketing, public relations, and politics and media undergraduates present their dissertation research to an audience of more than 100 students, industry guests, academics and mums and dads.

The Fifth Annual Promotional...

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CMC’s Rutherford exhibits at the BU Atrium gallery

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Submarines exhibition at the Atrium gallery BU (tn)

Since its invention by Nicephore Niépce in 1826, photography has provided us with glimpses of the many different worlds around (and within) us.

Scientific and medical...

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Open invitation: Join the Cultural Democracy Network

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CMC’s Dr Deborah Gabriel recently launched the Cultural Democracy Network and invites all to join.

The network is a new platform Deborah created to engage the wider community with the Cultural Democracy Framework, which aims to foster “inclusive and culturally democratic societies where everyone’s voice is heard”.

The framework, which was originated at Black British Academics, is now being developed at BU...

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Meaning through metaphor…well maybe:

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I attended the EIASM 8th interpretative consumer research workshop at Edinburgh University last week…and decided to present my 5 page abstract (on consumerist choice as meaning making) through what I called a metaphorical memoir – in the form of a story about Charlie (Charlie represented the concept of choice). A few days before travelling north I was driving to work and went past the Easter funfair that comes to Redhill Park each...

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PRDepiction – online resource on representations of PR

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Representation of professions and employment takes many forms and is often shaped by books and visual and aural media.

In the public relations field, characters such as Edina in Absolutely Fabulous and the foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It are well known, as are terms like “PR success” and “PR disaster”, even though the events may have little to do with public relations practices or...

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First Year PR Student, Dominic Stephens, Conquers 2015 Election With JUMP Tv

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Dominic Stephens, first year PR student at Bournemouth University, may have only just started his degree but he’s already tackling the media world with his work through the BBC and JUMP Tv. In efforts to best highlight his incredible experience and influences on the 2015 election, the following interview lets him do all the talking.

What are you currently working on for JUMP TV and how did it come about?

Last October I’d...

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Marketing, advertising students commended for excellent work on CIM qualification

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In the second year of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Graduate Gateway programme at Bournemouth University, all 84 first students on the BA (Hons) Marketing Communications, BA (Hons) Advertising and BSc (Hons) Marketing successfully completed the first module on the level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing.

Students achieved a 100% pass rate on the Marketing Principles module, ahead of the UK national average. The...

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