Summer of 6C

Summer of 6C: A renewed focus on academic integrity to combat contract cheating

The QAA published a report last year on contract cheating in higher education, which encourages, among other things, a focus on academic integrity to help address contract cheating. The 37-page report was researched and written in response to higher education sector concerns about the use of ‘essay mills’ by students to engage in contract cheating… Read more »

Summer of 6C: The value of formative feedback in simulations: the learning gains for students

This is a review of CELebrate 2017, when colleagues discussed formative feedback in depth. We thought it was worth another look. We hope it might help YOU when deciding how to integrate formative feedback into YOUR teaching come the implementation of 6C, the new assessment and feedback policy. Dawn Morley, from the University of Surrey,… Read more »

Summer of 6C: “Am I ready to receive feedback?”

This blog was posted in 2017, but still raises some interesting questions for how we engage with students around feedback… Have YOU thought about how you will prepare YOUR students for feedback in 2018-2019?  Receiving feedback is an emotive process for students. Guiding them to consider their emotional readiness to assimilate comments may improve the… Read more »

Summer of 6C: Formative Feedback and TEL

Dr. Andy Callaway from the Faculty of Management, Department of Sport & Physical Activity, has created a video on the system he has created to provide formative feedback to students using technology. If you have any questions about how to do what Andy does, or need any support in creating something similar, please contact him… Read more »

Summer of 6C: Peer Facilitated Learning

This post was previously published in the Summer of 2016, but there is some useful information here that YOU might find applicable to your own teaching strategy. Dr Susan Way and her team completed a project supported by the CEL Fusion Investment Fund in 2016. The aim of the project was to evaluate the experience of… Read more »

Summer of 6C: Generic Assessment Criteria

Changes are coming to assessment and feedback in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. Programmes will undertake a major re-write of assessments in 2018-2019; there will be extraordinary Faculty Academic Standard Committees (FASCS) across both campuses to bring all units in line with the new assessment and feedback policy, Principles in Assessment and Design: 6C, which states that… Read more »