Virtual reality is one of the hottest edtech trends. Not only are students allowed the opportunity to emerge themselves into a subject but can travel the world from their desk chairs. While not readily available in every classroom, programs such as Google Cardboard aim to make VR headsets cheap and accessible. The majority of students own a… Read more »

Summer of 6C: The value of formative feedback in simulations: the learning gains for students

This is a review of CELebrate 2017, when colleagues discussed formative feedback in depth. We thought it was worth another look. We hope it might help YOU when deciding how to integrate formative feedback into YOUR teaching come the implementation of 6C, the new assessment and feedback policy. Dawn Morley, from the University of Surrey,… Read more »

Brightspace: Be an engagement ninja

  New to the Brightspace online training unit is a module on how Brightspace tools and integrations can be used for student engagement and gamification. According to JISC, Gamification is where techniques or approaches from games are adopted or incorporated into non-gaming activities to make them more engaging or enjoyable It is important to note that… Read more »

Summer of 6C: “Am I ready to receive feedback?”

This blog was posted in 2017, but still raises some interesting questions for how we engage with students around feedback… Have YOU thought about how you will prepare YOUR students for feedback in 2018-2019?  Receiving feedback is an emotive process for students. Guiding them to consider their emotional readiness to assimilate comments may improve the… Read more »

BU staff published in new book ‘Enhancing Employability in Higher Education through Work Based Learning’ by Palgrave Macmillan

‘Enhancing Employability in Higher Education through Work Based Learning’ has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan. Edited by Dawn Morley, formerly of BU and now at Solent University, there were the following contributions by BU academics, staff and students:: Dr Sue Eccles and Vianna Renaud (Bournemouth University) Chapter Title: Building Students’ Emotional Resilience through Placement… Read more »

Anyone Can Teach Series- Part 4- Verbal Feedback.

Welcome back to our “Anyone Can Teach” basic teaching ideas series. This week’s advice comes from Dr Andrew Main. He is a Learning Impact Leader with CEL and local School Governor on behalf of BU.   Tip of the Day: When asked for his top teaching tip, he stressed the importance of using verbal feedback… Read more »

TEF and NSS: A managerial view

Speaker: Prof. Ferrante Neri Location: Inspire Lecture Theatre, Bournemouth University Date & Time: 30th of August, 11:00 Overview: The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) has recently become a fundamental exercise for British institutions since it directly affects the prestige of an institution and likely has an important impact on the students’ enrollment. Broadly the six metrics affecting the TEF… Read more »

Shrek, Saunders and the Onion Myth: Using Myths, Metaphors and Storytelling.

Title of our paper Presented at the: – European Conference of Research Methods (ECRM) – Rome 2018. Susanne Clarke has recently returned from the ECRM Conference in Rome after submitting a conference paper in partnership with Dr Lois Farquharson. The wider team also included our brilliant Student Research Assistant, Nancy Sheppard and a colleague from… Read more »