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BBC Arts Editor beams into Bournemouth University

William Gompertz is the BBC’s Arts Editor and was previously the director of Tate Media.  BU alumni Will agreed to share his expertise with 1000 students and members of the public who attended the prestigious annual BFX conference. The BXF Conference is hosted at the Bournemouth International Centre and is a unique event created and… Read more »

Holographic Keynote BFX

Debbie Holley and I attended the keynote lecture at the BFX festival last week. Peter Truckel, Pro Debbie Holley, Stephen Pyne First of all WOW and I mean WOW! BBC Arts editor Will Gompertz presented the talk ‘Think like an artist’, he delivered an energetic and interesting talk about artists and the methods they use… Read more »

Future Tech Now Show

Thursday 5th April 2018, Stephen Pyne and David Hunt from CEL attended the Future Tech Now Show at the Business Design Centre London. The show is designed to showcase new technologies and how they can be used in business and education, however, the emphasis was very much on business and staff development. This year the… Read more »

BETT Show London 2018

Four members of the BU Learning Technology team attended the BETT conference in London in January. The event contains a mix of demonstrators, demonstrations and short talks. To give you an idea of what the event is about here is an excerpt from the BETT website: ‘Creating a better future by transforming education Bett is… Read more »