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Is a robot going to take over your job? Future tech expert answers all the important questions about AI

The robots are coming, and may be about to take your livelihoods, your lovers and even your lives. Assassination drones, intelligent cyber attacks and ultra-realistic humanoid bots are all predicted to be part of the unstoppable Artificial Intelligence revolution. Only this week Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s chief economist, warned AI has the potential… Read more »

Blurring the lines between virtual and reality

An EPFL student Hugo Hueber from computer science faculty has developed a virtual reality game that can be used in any environment, allowing for the same level of interaction with virtual 3D objects as with a real table. While playing this game, you will be able to manipulate objects that you see in the headset – objects that don’t exist, of course,… Read more »

Students Unveil New Tool to Help The World Learn to Code

What began as a project in a Georgia Tech Online Computer Science class on using technology as a teaching tool is now helping users around the globe learn to code by creating whimsical animations. The tool, known as Code Shrew, is the brainchild of Ludwik Trammer and Jamie Nunez. It uses a popular programming language called Python combined… Read more »

Why You Should Test E-Learning Content with a Screen Reader

If you need to develop an accessible e-learning course, you should make sure that your content can be accessed by those with visual impairments. This means you’ll want to create e-learning content that works well with a screen reader. Getting acquainted with the screen reader experience will hopefully give you a deeper understanding of how… Read more »

Google Chrome is officially launching on Daydream VR headsets

Google is officially adding the Chrome browser to its Daydream virtual reality platform. As of today, people using the phone-based Daydream View headset or the standalone Lenovo Mirage Solo can access Chrome from their home screens. The VR version of Chrome mostly has the same feature set as its desktop counterpart, but there’s an added “cinema mode”… Read more »

VRidge 2.2 now supports Google Daydream, lets you play PC VR games

VRidge is a very cool tool that allows you to play SteamVR games without needing an expensive HTC Vive headset. Version 2.2 of VRidge makes it possible to play SteamVR games with the Google Daydream View, along with other standalone headsets. Version 2.2 supports the HTC Vive Focus, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream View…. Read more »

VR platform MelodyVR offers access to the world’s largest library of immersive and interactive virtual reality music experiences

Alexandra Palace and MelodyVR have announced details of an upcoming partnership which will see the technology company granted exclusive rights to capture concerts across the Palace and Park in virtual reality. Virtual Reality platform MelodyVR offers access to the world’s largest library of immersive and interactive virtual reality music experiences from artists such as Imagine Dragons, Bebe Rexha, Wiz Khalifa, Fall Out… Read more »

AltspaceVR lets you build your own shareable space in virtual reality

AltspaceVR has released tools to let users create their own sharable spaces in virtual reality. It uses a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to place objects in a 3D space using AltspaceVR-compatible headsets — including Oculus Go and Gear VR. It’s one of the first major upgrades since Microsoft acquired the social VR platform If you save the space,… Read more »

Can VR make us healthier, smarter and less racist?

You and three of your kindergarten classmates are sitting on the floor, playing with blocks, while the teacher helps another student with her work. All the kids on the floor start throwing blocks at one another and you join in — but when the teacher notices, you’re the only one who gets blamed. And there’s… Read more »