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Brightspace Group Assignments and Collaboration.

Student group

Does you unit call for group work? If so, you probably know that you can create groups to help with student management. But did you know that in Brightspace, groups can be used for much more.   Group Assignments. Now Brightspace (large file) and Turnitin assignments can be set up for group submissions. Any member… Read more »

Brightspace Top Tips

Here are some top tips  to use when creating Modules and topics in Brightspace that could help with improving student engagement. Navigation: Brightspace has Modules, Sub-modules and Sub-sub-Modules and so on, think of this as pages folders and folders within folders. Remember the three click rule and keep it simple. Naming Conventions: Clear labeling is… Read more »

Interesting Articles: VR uses, the human connection and 30 Must-Read Higher Education IT Blogs

Here is a collection of interesting articles picked up this week.   The 2018 Dean’s List: EdTech’s 30 Must-Read Higher Education IT Blogs Whether they are administrators or IT gurus, these bloggers know the ins and outs of how technology is reshaping education. Click here for the full article.   Fostering Human Connection for Meaningful… Read more »

Four Interesting AR/VR and Video Blog Articles

Here are some interesting blog articles I have read this week. The Multiple Uses of Augmented Reality in Education Technology has made its way to the classroom, increasing the engaging and interactive elements that many students are benefitting from. Students today are already familiar with various technologies, which is why computerized tools and apps make… Read more »

Brightspace: Be an engagement ninja

  New to the Brightspace online training unit is a module on how Brightspace tools and integrations can be used for student engagement and gamification. According to JISC, Gamification is where techniques or approaches from games are adopted or incorporated into non-gaming activities to make them more engaging or enjoyable It is important to note that… Read more »

Interesting Blog Posts on AR/VR and Narrative Potential

Here is a selection of interesting articles I have read this week. The immersive technologies in manufacturing report has just been launched and gives an interesting insight into the use of virtual reality in the UK manufacturing sector, an area which is predicted to be worth $160 billion in the next three years. Click here… Read more »

How augmented reality affects the brain

This is an introduction and link to an article on the Zappar blog. Key neurological insights from Mindshare UK’s groundbreaking report, ‘Layered’ Over the past few months, Neuro-Insight has been working in partnership with Mindshare UK and Zappar on ‘Layered’ – a first-of-its-kind study into the consumer, neurological and brand impact of augmented reality. Until now, there… Read more »

Augmented and Virtual Reality, Light or Dark?

There has been a lot of hype and excitement about the potential benefits of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in education (hands up, I’m guilty), but the overall engagement has been extremely slow and inconsistent. This is in contrast to Industry which has been quick to recognise the potential opportunities offered and is… Read more »

Layered: Augmented Reality Study

The time is right for the world to become Layered… Undertaken in partnership with AR technology company Zappar, Layered is a Mindshare Futures study which explores user behaviour, identifies four key trends shaping the future of AR and discusses implications for brands. Education only gets a passing mention, but the implications are clear! You can access the full study… Read more »